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Hi Jinx Pro & Lite

Hi Jinx Pro & Lite

hi-jinx-pro-v2.0.0About Hi Jinx 2.0

Hi Jinx is a unique soundboard that has multiple outrageous characters, which every prankster needs in their arsenal. With hundreds of sound clips (in the Pro version) you’ll find hours of endless fun with the Hi Jinx application. Currently, there are eight characters to choose from, Mr. Richardson, Silly Sam, Fabulous Steve, Kegger Keith, Nigel Smith, Old Man Gerald, and Isaac Mays.

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Hi Jinx was designed to be used while your iPhone is connected to an active phone call. Just place the call on speakerphone, tap the home buttons, tap the Hi Jinx app, and then select a character and play any number of sound clips. The caller won’t know whom they are talking to. The clicks are loud enough (at full volume) for the microphone to pick up.

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Hi Jinx is meant to be used for entertainment purposes only. By purchasing this product, you agree that JDMdesign is not responsible for the use of this product once it is in your hands. Please enjoy this product responsibly.

Possible Crashing/Freezing Issue:

If you are experiencing any crashes, freezes, or stalling of the Hi Jinx application, please try the following:

  1. Set your iPod or iPhone to airplane mode, then open the Hi Jinx app.
  2. Once open, tap Settings and then turn off the auto update feature.
  3. Close the Hi Jinx app and then turn airplane off.
  4. You should be able to use the Hi Jinx normally now.

If you want to download any new characters you will have to manually tap the ‘Check for Updates’ link in the settings of the Hi Jinx app.

If you have any additional issues, please feel free to contact us at